Monitoring System's Design Suits Switchear Apps

Dec. 3, 2007
Dranetz-BMI has introduced the Encore Series, the next generation of permanent monitoring system for power quality, energy and demand, and process monitoring.

Dranetz-BMI has introduced the Encore Series monitoring system for power quality, energy and demand, and process monitoring. The Encore Series 61000 family of DataNodes have a configurable design that allows users to specify the right instrument configuration for their specific application. The product offers flexibility with a multi-user web interface of Encore Series Software. It also offers a local ¼ VGA color touch screen display.

The DataNodes are modular and configurable instruments shatter the traditional 8-channel (4 voltage/4 current) instrument format. They offer a choice of (4 channel) voltage, (4 channel) current and (8 channel) digital input modules. You will save money, prevent integration aggravation and gain physical space by combining up to four modules in one instrument for applications that previously required two or more instruments. Popular combinations are:
  • 8 channel traditional power and PQ monitoring: 1 Voltage and 1 Current module
  • 16 channel equipment performance (I/O) monitoring: 2 Voltage and 2 Current modules
  • 16 channel substation feeder monitoring: 1 Voltage and 3 current modules

The 61000 DataNode enables the user to combine modules in software to build an instrument with up to four virtual analyzers. Virtual analyzers are either individual modules working as independent analyzers or combinations of modules, such as when combining voltage and current modules to create a power quality, demand and energy analyzer.

The Encore Series is suitable for ongoing monitoring to determine compliance with worldwide standards such as EN50160 and specialized compliance requirements. The voltage modules are certified by an independent laboratory for Class A compliance with IEC61000-4-30.

Available in both standard and switchgear mount enclosures, the 61000 family of DataNodes can be used in a wide variety of applications. The switchgear version is available with a ¼ VGA color touch display (61SGD) or without display (61SG). The standard enclosure (61STD) is a stand alone instrument available with a rack mount (with or without ¼ VGA touch display), wall mounting brackets and weather-resistant enclosures to meet the most severe operating environments.

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