Portable Fiber Optic Thermometer is Battery-Operated

April 3, 2007
Neoptix Fiber Optic Sensors has introduced the Nomad, its new portable fiber optic thermometer that is battery operated, which can save temperature readings on up to 1 Gigabyte flash cards and features a large 160x160 pixel LCD display.

Neoptix Fiber Optic Sensors, Inc. has introduced the Nomad, its new portable fiber optic thermometer that is battery operated. The Nomad can save temperature readings on up-to-1-Gigabyte flash cards, and it features a large 160 x 160 pixel LCD display.

The Nomad is designed with portability in mind. It operates on standard AA rechargeable batteries, which provide sufficient autonomy for a full working day. It also comes with a universal DC power supply. This portable thermometer features a large back-lighted LCD display for perfect visibility of the readings.

The Nomad embraces the logging capacity inherent to flash card technology by saving temperature readings directly into standard SD cards. The saved information can be downloaded to the PC using the RS-232 communication port or directly from the computer SD card reader. Temperature values can then be visualized and manipulated using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

The Nomad also introduces the “SnapLog” data logging feature, which allows the user to save only one temperature value each time the “SnapLog” key is pressed — a handy feature for spot measurement at multiple locations. Temperature readings can also be saved into the SD card in data logging sessions with a user-specified duration and acquisition rate.

The instrument has an ergonomic enclosure that allows a solid grasp of the instrument. Its graphical user interface is specifically intended for quick and precise operation at the laboratory bench or on the manufacturing floor.

“The portable, battery-operated instrument helps us to ensure successful installation of optical probes. It’s a definite winner for our transformer manufacturing operations” said Alan Wellard, technical manager at ABB Powertech Transformers in Pretoria, South Africa. “We can easily run onto the manufacturing floor, perform quality control on probes, and then save the info on a specific SD card named after the transformer nameplate.”

The Nomad is compatible with all Neoptix fiber optic temperature probes and sensors, including the T2 model for transformer hot-spot monitoring. It is also compatible with former Nortech-Fibronic, Inc. probes.

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