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National Grid Awarded £23 Million for Three Major Innovation Projects

Dec. 10, 2015
National Grid awarded £22.8 million by Ofgem for three innovative projects, across its electricity transmission, gas transmission and gas distribution business.

National Grid has been awarded £22.8 million through Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition, to fund work on three ground-breaking projects.

The Network Innovation Competition is an annual opportunity for companies to compete for funding, for the development of new low-carbon technologies.

The first of three National Grid projects to receive funding includes plans to convert an existing substation into a state-of-the-art off-grid research facility. The pioneering project, which has been awarded £12 million, will fully replicate a live substation environment, allowing live trials into low-carbon electricity networks.

A project to construct a commercial demonstration plant that will produce renewable, low-carbon methane (BioSNG), through the gasification of household waste, has been awarded £6 million. National Grid engineers believe BioSNG could eventually meet 40% of UK domestic gas demand, with customers benefiting from renewable energy being delivered directly through the gas network.

The third and final National Grid project to receive backing from Ofgem has been awarded £4.8 million. Project ‘CLoCC’ (Customer Low Cost Connections) will aim to minimise the time and cost of connections to the national gas transmission system, through pioneering changes to every aspect of the connection process.

John Pettigrew, UK executive director at National Grid said: “Today’s decision by Ofgem to award National Grid £22.8 million, is a clear endorsement of all three projects and underlines the importance of what we are trying to achieve.

“The projects are great examples of our continued commitment to innovation in electricity transmission, gas transmission and gas distribution. The funding from Ofgem will help us get these new technologies out of the lab and into the business sooner, so consumers can really feel the benefit.”

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