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Plans Afoot to Launch Smart Meter Management Project in Ireland

Jan. 25, 2019
Kamstrup and Siemens to roll out extensive smart-meter project in Ireland

A Kamstrup-Siemens consortium is all set to deliver a smart metering solution, including 250,000 electricity meters, a remote reading system and a data management system, to the Irish energy company, ESB Networks. The project is planned for execution in 2019-2020.

ESB Networks supplies electricity to approximately 2.3 million households in Ireland and, like many other energy companies in Europe, it recently decided to roll out smart meters that would benefit the consumers as well as be economically viable and environment-friendly.

Kamstrup collaborated with Siemens to provide a solution consisting of the data collection system, Kamstrup OMNIA, combined with smart meters, and the independent meter data management solution, Siemens EnergyIP. With this end-to-end solution, ESB Networks will get flexibility and scalability for future roll outs.

The Siemens-owned company, OMNETRIC, will be responsible for smart-meter data integration with the existing communication and enterprise infrastructure. It will ensure ESB Networks and consumers can fully leverage the advantages available through the digital value chain.

“The joint solution is yet another example of the ability to integrate our solutions with other technology partners. Our industry-leading platform, OMNIA, used for data collection, and our smart meters, OMNIPOWER, are based on extensive experience and proven technology. Our solution will provide ESB Networks with accurate, reliable and secure data, which is fundamental for ESB Networks to establish a stable and flexible network and provide good customer service,” said Kim Lehmann, CEO, Kamstrup.

Lehmann added: “At the same time, we are able to manage the scalability needed for ESB Networks and together with Siemens, we will act as an agile partner.”

Gary O’Callaghan, CEO, Siemens Ltd., commented: “This project marks another step forward in the digitalization of Ireland’s energy network. The global shift towards de-carbonization, together with customers demanding much more active engagement with and from energy companies, means our energy systems are becoming increasingly complex.”

“The Siemens meter data management system, EnergyIP, can process data in near real time from millions of distributed grid assets and smart devices, powering new approaches for meter data management, grid optimization and analytics, distributed energy management, energy market participation and asset management,” O’Callaghan added.

“The upgrade to modern electricity meters is an important enabler of Ireland’s Climate Action Plan. To tackle climate change, the meter-upgrade program is an essential foundation to maximize the benefit from Ireland’s growing renewable generation capability and supporting the electrification of transport and heat — using clean electricity to displace carbon fuels. We believe the integrated solution from Kamstrup and Siemens will support us in achieving this goal,” says Eoghan Barrett, manager, Smart Metering program, ESB Networks.

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