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Tdworld 9623 Energy Efficiency Morefro
Tdworld 9623 Energy Efficiency Morefro
Tdworld 9623 Energy Efficiency Morefro
Tdworld 9623 Energy Efficiency Morefro

Leveraging AMI Real-Time Data for Demand Response

Aug. 11, 2017
Demand Response and EE program by NV Energy has the right tools to save customers energy and money

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) enables utilities to leverage real-time data optimize the cost-effectiveness of power delivery. Times of peak electricity demand are also times of peak costs, for utilities as well as their customers, so reductions in peak costs are a wide-ranging benefit.

By utilizing AMI real time data, utilities can enable customers to respond to price signals and time-of-use rates, which helps to encourage them to help reduce electric load at times of peak demand.

Air conditioning loads are a key source of utilities’ highest annual peaks in electric demand. And smart thermostats, typically enabled by AMI, are a big value driver for cost savings for utilities and their customers.

The Smart Thermostats program by NV Energy provides customer a free mobile app and 24/7 support, with the thermostats, which are professionally installed, coming with online access.

NV Energy is helping its customers stay cool while saving energy and money with its PowerShift program, even while temperatures outside are going through the roof. When customers participate in Community Energy Events initiated by NV Energy during times of peak summer energy demand, they’ll see additional savings. These events help reduce the overall electric load at a time when energy costs are higher for everyone.

“Our goal is to help customers make their homes more energy efficient with PowerShift by NV Energy products and services,” said Pat Egan, NV Energy Senior Vice President of Customer Operations.

“Air conditioning typically accounts for 50 percent of a summer electric bill. That’s why we encourage customers to get an AC tune-up and take advantage of our free PowerShift Home Energy Assessment and Smart Thermostat services. This way, they’ll be taking steps to manage their energy use while making their home more comfortable.”

A free Home Energy Assessment determines a home’s energy efficiency and helps make it better. A PowerShift Energy Advisor will visit the home to inspect insulation levels, seals around windows and doors, lighting, and the age of appliances then provided personalized energy-saving tips.

NV Energy also provides free PowerShift Smart Thermostats which help lower air conditioning costs for an average single-family home by an average of $100 a year.

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