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Holy Lights

Dec. 20, 2017
Is this the sort of song you’d want your utility industry muse to sing to your utility’s customers?

In holiday lights, or in your bright rooms,
or skylines shining at twilight like jewels,
you’ll find my work, unseen behind the scene:
I am your electric utility.

If you see a skyline's night-time beauty
not thinking what made it glisten, truly,
resources and people that gave support
demand you take us for granted no more.

I’m thinking of people who came before
like Edison, Westinghouse, or Tesla
(Nikola, plus a touch of Musk for sure)
and other's dreams of new infrastructure.

To interweave electric vehicles
synchronizations ease our squeamishness
since reliable grid innovation
requires extensive integration.

If you understood reactive power
you'd see, past marketing miasmas, that
utilities aren't duplicitous
about electrical inventiveness.

Microgrids are finer, un-islanded.
Islanded microgrids have minuses
pluses outweigh when bi-directional
connectedness makes economic sense.

Let’s dream new dreams for our infrastructure!
Let’s wisely channel power from nature,
for utilities and shared resources
demand we’re taken for granted no more.

About the Author

Peter Arvan Manos | Utility Industry Analyst

Peter Manos is a utility industry analyst and former Senior Editor at T&D World. He started his career as an engineer at Con Edison in New York.  For more than 30 years, Peter has been writing about the value of technologies for utilities and the communities they serve. Based in Atlanta, Peter is currently Content Writer at SEDC.

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