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How Working with an EPC Contractor Reduces the Stress of Underground Electrical Construction Projects

June 19, 2024

Critical infrastructure project management is complicated. Utility and transportation project execution can be particularly challenging because of complexities stemming from logistics and vendor coordination, regulatory requirements, and workforce management. Unforeseen engineering issues can arise due to site conditions that surface as the project progresses.

The struggle to minimize project delays and cost overruns is real, and the consequences of exceeding the budget and missing construction milestones can be significant.

For companies that coordinate projects in-house, there is considerable risk of missing deadlines, incurring unrecoverable costs, failing to meet regulatory requirements, and prolonging utility service disruptions.

Fortunately, companies have a choice.

Outsourcing management to an experienced engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contractor shifts the onus of day-to-day project oversight responsibility and simplifies project management.

When a trusted EPC contractor involves a complete team of transmission, distribution, transportation, and environmental engineers from the outset, the most efficient project design can be developed from day one. Additionally, potential problems can be identified and addressed before they pose a threat to the schedule, cost, or operational safety.

Learn more about how partnering with an expert in integrated engineering and construction solutions can eliminate headaches, alleviate stress, and streamline execution.

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