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Powering the Way to a Decarbonized Future through Utilities Substation Modernization

May 18, 2022
Changes in power grid architecture require a modernized infrastructure to maximize the utilization of renewables at the edge.

In the future, there will be new digital platforms across the entire utility value chain. Delivering intrinsic security and ensuring cyber resilience for those platforms; supporting digital transformation, especially around grid monetization.

Currently in the power sector, distributed energy resources coming in at the edge of the grid are disrupting the entire industry. Grid architecture is moving from the traditional centralized generation to bidirectional, distributed generation in which the electricity can flow from the edge of the grid.

Seamlessly integrating all renewables into the grid to allow all connected infrastructure to talk to each other will maximize the utilization of renewables at every level and allow net-zero goals to be met by 2050. Download this executive summary to learn more. 

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