West Madison and Verona Areas Slated for $24 Million Electric Upgrade

Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin utility is planning to invest approximately $24 million over the next 10 years in its electric infrastructure to meet the growing electric demand on Madison’s west side and in the Verona area. The Alliant Energy Power Wisconsin project will enhance power reliability and supply for residents of the region.

“Over the past several years, residential and business growth have increased the demand for power in the west Madison and Verona areas so we will be upgrading our distribution system over the next decade to better serve our customers,” said Joe Zelinski, Alliant Energy Project Manager. “These planned improvements will meet the needs of our current and future customers by providing access to additional electricity and, at the same time, enhance reliability.” 

The project will involve replacing most of the equipment in five substations, as well as installing new transformers and other equipment on the distribution lines. The new construction of overhead and underground electric circuits and pole upgrades will also be part of the work that will help boost the amount of power coming into the area. In addition to meeting the increasing demand in the area, this will also allow more flexibility in routing power from different sources in the event of an outage or system problem. The work will begin in September and is expected to be completed sometime in 2023. Depending on the rate of electric growth in the region, Alliant Energy may also build one or more new substations in the latter stages of the project.

“Our company is continually performing engineering studies throughout our service territory to plan for the future power needs of our customers,” added Zelinski. “Our goal is to provide safe and reliable service, and we will continue to make investments in our electric distribution system to accomplish that.”

Alliant Energy’s 2013 Power Wisconsin Plan includes approximately $70 million of planned investments this year in upgrading overhead and underground electric lines, electric substations and natural gas infrastructure. Power Wisconsin’s goal is to improve system reliability, reduce outages and provide more reliable power to Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin customers.



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