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Voltage Detector

Hi-Line Utility Supply introduces the Super Tester voltage detector, which blinks and sounds an alarm when placed in an electrostatic field above the trigger threshold of the device. Flashing red lights and high-pitched tones alert the operator of present voltage that could be dangerous when applying temporary grounds or performing maintenance.

The tester can be used to check overhead lines, in substations and around switchgear. It simply slips over the head of a standard 1.25-inch (31.75-mm)-diameter disconnect stick. It also may be used on a Chance Grip-All clampstick, universal, telescoping or positive-grip hot stick fitted with a special adapter. A three-way switch permits selection of either the 1-kV to 100-kV range or the 100-kV to 800-kV range. A test button checks both the battery and the tester.

Each unit comes with instructions packed in a lined, reinforced case with carrying handle.

Hi-Line Utility Supply


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