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Vermeer Introduces 20,000-pound Drill to Fit a Range of Customer Needs

Vermeer Manufacturing Co. introduces the D20x22 Series II Navigator horizontal directional drill to meet utility contractors’ needs to adjust to changing grades, confined spaces, and varying soil conditions.

The D20x22 Series II Navigator horizontal directional drill is powered by an 83 hp (62 kW) Kubota diesel engine and provides 2200 ft-lb (2983 Nm) of torque for turning cutting tools and pulling large backreamers. The standard AutoDrill feature allows operators to pre-set rotation, thrust and pullback pressure. Then the drill adjusts to the conditions it actually encounters during the bore. The Rock Adaptable Terrain Tool (RATT) system offers operators the ability to drill and steer through many soil conditions without the need for specialized machines. Precise fingertip controls are mounted on two joysticks within the ergonomically designed operator’s station.

At less than 75.6 inches (192 cm) in height, the D20x22 Series II offers a low profile design providing better side hill stability and ease of transport compared to taller competitive models. A hinged, one-piece hood provides easy access to the engine and vital components during maintenance.

Vermeer www.vermeer.com

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