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UtilX® Corp. Selected by Idaho Power C. for Multi-Year Cable Rejuvenation Program

UtilX® Corp. (An InfrastruX Group company) announced that it has received a multi-year order from Idaho Power Co. to treat approximately 180,000 ft of power cable each year for up to three years with its proprietary CableCURE® cable life-extension technology.

Idaho Power Co., the largest investor-owned utility in Idaho, is a longtime UtilX customer that has utilized CableCURE technology to increase its distribution cable reliability. The utility has already proactively treated well over 500,000 ft of cable, ensuring reliable power to many of its customers.

“By continuing with UtilX’s proven process, Idaho Power joins a growing number of utilities that are strengthening the reliability of the cables delivering power to their customers,” said Gus Derezes, Vice President of UtilX Corp. “We are pleased that Idaho Power Co. has chosen to work with us on this important project.”

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