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TenneT Concludes Master Agreement with Korean Cable Company

TenneT has signed a master agreement with Korean company LS Cables for the delivery of 110-kV underground cables. The company submitted one of the best tender and over the coming years will manufacture a number of new cables that are going to be installed. Under the agreement LS Cables will in any event manufacture the new 110-kV-cable that will be laid between Hoogeveen and Beilen in the Netherlands.

This is the first time that TenneT has concluded such a master agreement with a Korean cable supplier. The company specialized itself in making cables with a rated power of 50 kV and higher. LS Cables will make 110-kV and 15-kV underground lines for TenneT. TenneT’s program for the coming years includes several cable projects at places in the Netherlands such as Noord-Oostpolder, Overijssel and Drenthe.

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