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Strathalbyn Power Supply Upgrade to Meet Increasing Demand

ETSA Utilities, South Australia, is responding to growth in the Strathalbyn area, with a $1.3 million investment to upgrade the Strathalbyn substation. The substation currently serves about 7,500 customers. General Manager, Services, Sue Filby, said local customer demand had been growing by 3.3 percent per annum since 2000-2001. "We're expecting even higher growth in the next five years due to residential developments and support for the new Terramin mine at Strathalbyn East.

"ETSA Utilities monitors current and future demand to ensure we keep up with the economic growth of the state. It's exciting to see Strathalbyn sharing in the state's growth," she said.

ETSA Utilities will install a 10-MVA, 66/11-kV transformer, as well as new 66-kV and 11-kV circuit breakers at the substation.

Filby said the development was part of a $166 million investment in the South Australian electricity distribution network in 2008. New power lines are being added to the network, substations upgraded and hundreds of street transformers replaced.

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