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Siemens Launches New Distribution Recloser in the U.S.

Siemens Launches New Distribution Recloser in the U.S.

Siemens Energy announces the launch of its new distribution recloser. Designated the SDR, this new recloser is manufactured in multiple Siemens locations, including Germany, the United Kingdom and Wendell, North Carolina. The recloser switch unit uses vacuum technology for circuit interruption; it is insulated in a cycloaliphatic epoxy molding and utilizes a dual coil, low-energy, magnetic actuator.

“The key to the exceptional performance of the SDR is its 7SR controller,” said Brad Luyster, business segment manager for outdoor medium voltage utility products. “Developed by Siemens, this state-of- the-art controller has several unique features that will please linemen and engineers alike. It features an intuitive, human-machine interface for programming the controller, a USB communication port for connection to a laptop and a fully withdrawable controller, which can be pulled from the front of the control cabinet and replaced in minutes – real plug and play,” added Luyster.

With ratings up to 38 kV, 800 A continuous and 16 kA interrupting, the SDR will meet the needs of Siemens’ U.S. customers. Options for triple-single and loop automation are available, as well as fault detection.

“This development is a key facet of our strategy to expand our distribution footprint in North America,” advises Doug Keith, vice president of Siemens Energy’s U.S. Medium Voltage Business Unit. “Smart products, like the SDR, enable us to offer our customers Smart Grid-ready equipment. Intelligent devices that communicate with each other and provide important data and analytics automatically are vital as we move forward toward the grid of the future.”

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