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PSC Wisconsin Approves Two, 50-Mile Transmission Lines in Northern Wisconsin

After more than two years of public input and regulatory review, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin gave its approval to two power line projects proposed by American Transmission Co.

The Gardner Park-Central Wisconsin and Morgan-Werner West transmission lines are needed to bolster electric reliability in north central and northeastern Wisconsin. Gardner Park-Central Wisconsin is needed because of the addition of a 500-MW generator at the Weston Power Plant near Wausau. The existing transmission system is inadequate to deliver the additional energy. The Morgan-Werner West line is needed to alleviate overloaded facilities in the Green Bay and Fox Valley areas. Together, the two lines will significantly improve reliability in the region and improve ATC's ability to move power in and around northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

"There is an overwhelming need for additional transmission infrastructure in Wisconsin, and in this region of the state in particular," states Patsy Baynard, general manager of construction for ATC's central portfolio. "Approval of these two projects is good news for homeowners, businesses and industries that enjoy all the benefits of a reliable electric system."

ATC first introduced the projects to area residents in January 2004 and submitted its regulatory application in Spring 2005. The PSCW is expected to issue its formal order with specific construction requirements next month. Cost estimates for the projects are $125 million for Gardner Park-Central Wisconsin and $132 million for Morgan-Werner West.

ATC plans, constructs, operates, maintains and will expand its transmission facilities to provide adequate and reliable transmission of power. ATC provides nondiscriminatory service to all customers, supporting effective competition in energy markets without favoring any market participant. A member of the Midwest ISO regional transmission organization, ATC owns approximately 8,900 miles of transmission lines with a total investment in facilities of $1.5 billion in portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois.
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