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Portable Hydraulic Pump

Greenlee Utility has developed a new 990 hydraulic pump specifically for power utilities and utility contractors to use with remote hydraulic cutting and crimping tools that require 10,000 psi (700 bar). The 990 is lightweight and compact, so it is easy to move around a job site, yet has plenty of oil to run remote hydraulic tools. It operates on 120-V, 15-A electrical circuits and can be used to power all of the remote cutting and crimping tools offered by Greenlee as well as similar tools in the utility marketplace.

The 990 pump is operated from a pendant with a 15-ft cord that gives the operator full control to advance and retract the tool as needed. The operator can steady the tool with one hand while operating the pump with the other hand. The cord is long enough so the operator can set up an operation and then move away if necessary.

To operate the pump, users need to press the “up” button on the pendant. When the pump reaches 10,000 psi, it will automatically shut off to alert the operator that the cycle is complete. Pressing the “down” button on the pendant releases the pressure.

The cutting or crimping tool can be retracted from any point in the cycle, and the tool can be retracted partially to reduce the time needed to make repetitive crimps and cuts. Should the power fail, a switch on the pump allows the pressure to be released.

Greenlee Utility http://www.greenleeutility.com/

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