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Penn Power
<p><span class="meta-field photo-desc " id="yui_3_16_0_1_1414100105376_1411">Workers from Penn Power are rebuilding the Bessemer line to improve service reliability in western Pennsylvania.</span></p>

Penn Power Rebuilds Bessemer Line to Enhance Reliability

Line Runs from Bessemer Borough to Hillsville

As part of ongoing efforts to help enhance service reliability, Penn Power, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Inc., is rewiring a 4,100-V circuit that runs from Bessemer Borough to Hillsville in far western Pennsylvania.

“Penn Power was hit hard last winter with several severe storms that caused service disruptions across our service territory,” said Randy Frame, regional president of Ohio Edison and Penn Power.  “This project and others like it demonstrate our continuing commitment to improving the reliability of our service by reducing the number and frequency of outages.”

Work on this approximately $300,000 project included stringing new wire for more than a mile as well as replacing any outdated equipment, including crossarms, lightning arrestors, fuses, animal guards and protective devices designed to limit the frequency and duration of power outages.  Poles along this circuit also have been inspected and replaced, as needed.

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