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Outdoor Circuit Breaker for U.S. Market

A new outdoor circuit breaker, called the Horizon Compact, from FKI Switchgear, UK, is now available to the U.S. utility market. Using a patented, low energy magnetic actuator, the new Horizon Compact 15-kV circuit breaker is the latest addition to the Horizon family of products according to Deborah Anderson, U.S. operations director.

“Its compact design, installation versatility with pole mounted and substation frame capabilities and its structural strength enables the breaker to be installed into the most extreme of environments," Anderson said. “From the salty and sandy atmospheres of the hurricane regions in the South, to the frigid winters in the North and Canada, the Horizon Compact offers customers unrivalled reliability, protection and environmental endurance for outdoor circuit breakers.”

FKI Switchgear is part of the FKI Group Plc and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, the UK and Australia.

FKI Switchgear www.fkiswitchgear.com

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