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NorthWestern Energy to Conduct Maintenance on 500-kV Colstrip Transmission System

In early April, NorthWestern Energy crews began the routine annual maintenance cycle on the 500-kV Colstrip Transmission System. This year’s work will include the replacement of conductor spacers, which are brackets that keep the lines from inadvertently making contact, on the spans between Broadview and Colstrip, Montana.

Landowners and residents in the area may notice men and equipment on the towers and traveling the lines in spacer carts. NorthWestern Energy vehicles and equipment, as well as clearly marked contractor vehicles, will be accessing rights of way throughout this period. Helicopters will also be working in the area delivering material and providing support to the crews working on the towers and lines. The work is done on live lines during daylight hours Monday through Friday and occasionally on Saturday, weather permitting, through May 9.

The company makes every effort to control the spread of noxious weeds by washing all vehicles and equipment daily prior to entering the right of way. Upon completion of the work, the right of way technicians inspect the area and apply an herbicide to further minimize the potential spread of seeds
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