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Northern British Columbia Electrification Moves Forward

BC Transmission Corp. has submitted an Environmental Assessment Certificate Application to the BC Environmental Assessment Office for the proposed Northwest Transmission Line Project.

The proposed project is a 335-km, 287-kV transmission line between Skeena Substation (near Terrace) and a new substation to be built near Bob Quinn Lake. This new line would provide a secure interconnection point for clean generation projects; provide a reliable supply of clean power to potential industrial developments in the area; and enable certain northwest communities to access the electricity grid, rather than obtaining their power from diesel generators.

Next steps include the BCEAO screening the project application which takes 30 days. Once the BCEAO accepts the Application, it will be posted on their website, and a review period of up to 180 days begins. This includes a public comment period with interested parties encouraged to submit comments and participate in public information sessions before the BCEAO provides a report with its recommendation for government consideration and decision on the project proceeding.

Since 2007, extensive consultation on the NTL has taken place through community information sessions, meetings, responses to information requests, regular public updates and workshops with the Nisga'a Nation, First Nations, municipalities, regional districts, stakeholder groups, land owners and interested parties.

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