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NorNed Cable Repair Update

TenneT reports that a significant part of the repair operation of the NorNed cable between Norway and The Netherlands has been completed. All preparations for the remaining repair works have been taken and the operation is ongoing. Still, the remaining part of the operation is dependent on stable weather conditions.

To carry out the repair operation in a correct way requires a prolonged period of good weather. This has not been the case over the last few weeks and the repair work has been postponed several times. Safe handling of the cable can be realized in waves up to 3 m significant wave height. Clear visibility sub-sea is demanded for repair works where the sub-sea camera is used.

TenneT and Statnett will continue the repair works as soon as the weather conditions permit. Repair works are followed by transmission tests that will last for a few weeks. Assuming that the weather conditions are good in the coming weeks and taking into account positive test results, the NorNed cable can still become available for trading of electricity in April 2008.

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