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New HV Cable Link between Substations at Oterleek and Westwoud in Noord-Holland

TenneT, the Dutch Transmission System Operator (TSO), is planning to expand the high-voltage grid in the province of Noord-Holland to meet the growing demand for electricity transmission. The grid operator has therefore decided to invest in a new cable link between the high-voltage substations at Oterleek and Westwoud. The new link, which is to be installed below ground, will create more room on the regional electricity grid. The cable is expected to go into service towards the end of 2010.

Noord-Holland province is playing an increasingly important role in the supply of electricity, due in part to developments like market liberalization and the growing role of sustainable energy. In its capacity as TSO, TenneT is responsible for the proper functioning of the Dutch high-voltage grid and for ensuring sufficient transmission capacity. TenneT is therefore investing in both new and existing high-voltage lines. The new link between Oterleek and Westwoud will increase the capacity of the high-voltage grid in the region. The cable will be installed below ground and will follow the route of the existing, aboveground high-voltage line as much as possible.

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