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New Family of Trenchers

The Ditch Witch® organization introduces a new family of trenchers, the Zahn™ series consisting of three power units and set of compatible front ends. One of those machines is the Zahn R150 trencher, illustrated, which is designed to be more powerful, more productive, and faster than any trencher in the 15-hp class. The Zahn R150 power unit includes a Honda® gas engine, operator’s console, and an articulation joint that provides great maneuverability. The power unit drives a front-end trencher that is designed to concentrate its weight on the digging chain, so it penetrates the ground easier and enhances overall stability. The Zahn R150’s fully hydraulic, articulated steering enables the operator to easily trench a curve around trees, swimming pools, and other obstacles that utility workers inevitably come across. At only 36 inches (914 mm) wide, the compact Zahn R150 enables the operator to get in, out, and around the tightest jobsites with ease. Its roomy, ride-on platform is designed to absorb shock, minimize fatigue, and keep the operator out of dirt, mud, and debris. Unlike compact utility attachments, the Zahn R150 trencher delivers dedicated trenching performance.

Ditch Witch www.ditchwitch.com.
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