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New Cable Link between Beilen and Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

Dutch national grid operator TenneT is planning to construct a new 110-kV cable link between Beilen and Hoogeveen. The cable is needed to realize a further expansion of the high-voltage grid in the region, and is part of the program of infrastructural upgrades TenneT is planning to complete in the north of the Netherlands over the coming years. The new connection will be constructed entirely underground.

An increasing number of bottlenecks has appeared in the high-voltage grid in recent years. Within the last two years alone, TenneT has received several requests for the connection of new generating stations to the Dutch 380-kV grid. Coastal production sites are becoming ever more important, not least at Eemshaven. Moreover, there is increasing concern for sustainability in energy production, involving the use of new fuels such as biomass.

TenneT is therefore working to expand the high-voltage grid in the north of the Netherlands. As part of this effort, the high voltage line on the entire Vierverlaten-Zeijerveen-Hoogeveen-Zwolle grid section is being upgraded in the coming years. In addition, TenneT and the national government have started the planning procedures required to construct an entirely new 380-kV line from Eemshaven to the loop in the central part of the Netherlands.

The new cable link will be constructed between the existing high-voltage substations at Beilen and Hoogeveen. TenneT will be making use of local knowledge and experience during the installation process, so that we can take the various interests into account wherever possible. Throughout the process we will collaborate closely with all the parties involved, including municipal authorities and land owners.

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