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National Grid Launches Public Consultation in Powys and Shropshire

National Grid is launching an extensive program of exhibitions to gather public opinion about its proposals to connect new windfarms planned for Mid Wales via a new 132-kV power line. The connection is needed to carry the electricity from the windfarms to a new high-voltage substation to be built in Powys. From this, a new 400-kV connection will take the power to the national transmission network in England. The 132,000-V connections will be built by Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) and SSE Renewables. The substation and high-voltage connection will be built by National Grid.

No decisions about the location for the substation or the routes of the connections have yet been made. Before any decisions are made, the public is being asked for its views and opinions about the proposed work.

National Grid is holding a series of exhibitions in Powys and Shropshire where residents can find out comprehensive details about the project. Members of the project team will be available to answer questions. The events in Powys are being held jointly with SPEN where company representatives will be able to discuss details of the local connections from the windfarms and the substation. As well as more than 30 static exhibitions there will be a smaller, mobile display vehicle which will visit a further eight locations.

Project manager Peter Bryant said, “This is a major project and will involve work in both Wales and England and a number of companies working together. These exhibitions will give the public the opportunity to find out about the project and talk to members of the project teams about any concerns they might have. The location of the substation and the route of the connection have yet to be decided and, before any decisions area made, we want to hear the views of local residents. Their feedback will play a vital role in the final decisions.

“Electricity is an essential part of our lives but over the next decade a large number of power stations will be closing down. This could result in a shortfall between the amount of energy we all need and the amount generated. The windfarms will help to meet the demand for power, but new transmission infrastructure is needed to connect them to the national network.”

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