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Major Milestone Reached for the Powerlink Belmont Substation Upgrade Project

The third stage of a $70-million project to upgrade Powerlink Queensland’s Belmont Substation is now complete, Powerlink Chief Executive Gordon Jardine said.

“The major upgrade project, being undertaken in four stages, will ensure the substation can continue to meet the growing electricity requirements of the Brisbane CBD southeastern suburbs, and Port of Brisbane well into the future,” Jardine said. “This investment demonstrates Powerlink’s strong commitment to ensuring essential infrastructure is delivered in a timely manner to underpin the region’s future prosperity and support long-term growth.”

Jardine said the project involved replacing transmission equipment at the substation’s 110-kV switchyard, which was built in the early 1970s. He said the completion of the third stage of the upgrade was an important milestone.

“The project’s construction team commenced on-ground works in late 2008. Stage one and two activities involved the removal of aged equipment, the installation of two new transformers and other specialized equipment, as well as the replacement of substation components that connect two existing transmission lines feeding into the Brisbane CBD.

“The project’s third stage encompassed the removal of some older equipment and installation of new substation components, including bays for existing transmission lines, capacitor banks and transformer feeders,” he said.

He said work would now commence on the fourth and final stage of the project. “During the coming months, final works at the substation site will be carried out to replace any remaining equipment and complete testing of all newly-installed equipment. “In addition to the upgrade project, Powerlink is also installing two new capacitor banks at the substation’s 275-kV switchyard. This specialized equipment will strengthen the reliability and security of electricity supply by increasing the capacity of the substation during peak demand times.

“All work at the substation is expected to be completed by Summer 2011/12,” he said.

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