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LWS Quickly Supplies 426 Transmission Poles for Nebraska 230-kV Storm Rebuild

On July 17, 2010 a severe storm that included high level winds
in excess of 100 mph roared across an isolated area in central Nebraska,
destroying some 32 mi of 230-kV H-frame transmission line. The line is part of a key interconnect in the states' public power transmission system.

Electric utility officials contacted Laminated Wood Systems, Inc. (LWS, www.lwsinc.com) the
following day and on July 19, representatives from the public utility and
LWS inspected the storm ravaged structures to assess the extent of the
damage. Utility staff determined that rebuilding the line with laminated
wood H-frame structures from LWS would be the quickest, most economical
solution. LWS received an order for 426 poles on July 19. Fabrication of
poles began immediately at three laminating plants located in New York,
 Oregon and Minnesota, with the first poles arriving in Nebraska on July 29. The balance of the poles were delivered by August 14, just 26 days after
receiving the order. The poles were delivered to six separate fly-yards
spanning 34 mi where crews framed the structures in preparation for
installation by helicopter. Line crews set the assembled structures by
helicopter August 13 through 19 and the line was energized several weeks

LWS was able to deliver the poles quickly because of their nationwide
network of laminators, treaters and suppliers. Laminated wood poles are made
from an abundant, renewable timber resource that is not subject to shortages
or surcharges. Wood is a natural carbon offset and has the least
"cradle-to-grave" impact on the environment when compared to steel and

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