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Juan de Fuca Cable – Combined Interconnection Impact and Facility Study Completed

Sea Breeze Power Corp. reports the successful completion of the British Columbia Transmission Corp. (BCTC) Combined Interconnection Impact and Facility Study (the “Studies”) for the Juan de Fuca Cable Project.

The Studies were initiated in the spring of 2008 at a cost of $220,000, which was pre-paid, and are required by BCTC to assess the impacts resulting from the interconnection of the Juan de Fuca Cable into the BCTC-managed transmission grid.

The Juan de Fuca Cable is a 550-MW High Voltage Direct Current Light® submarine transmission line that will connect Vancouver Island and Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. The Studies assess negative impacts, if any, on the current grid system brought about by the integration of the Juan de Fuca Cable.

Paul B. Manson, President & CEO, said: “The Studies support the fact that Juan de Fuca Cable will complement the existing grid and will add needed reliability, capacity and flexibility to transmission operations in the region. The Juan de Fuca Cable will strengthen British Columbia’s electrical reliability and will particularly ensure that Vancouver Island’s electricity needs will continue to be met”.

The Studies also report on any required upgrades needed to the electrical system. According to BCTC’s Studies, the cable would not result in any considerable steady state problems under both normal and contingency conditions and that the interconnection of the Juan de Fuca Cable to the BCTC system could be completed for approximately $3,129,000, the total cost to be borne by the project. The Studies are available to the public at the BCTC website (http://www.bctc.com/NR/rdonlyres/318AA3BB-CEB9-407A-AB8B-6337BE4A769F/0/JDFFinalReport.pdf).

Following the issuance of the US Presidential Permit last summer and the United States Army Corps of Engineers permit in the fall, the project is approaching the final stages of development.

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