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IES subsidiary IES-ESE to Provide an Oil and Gas Field in the Russian North With Power Supply Facilities

IES-EnergoStroyEngineering (IES-ESE, part of the Integrated Energy Systems) is implementing a project to provide Urmansk-Archinsk oil and gas fields in the northern part of the Russian Tomsk region with power supply facilities. IES-ESE subsidiary Sibelektrosetstroy is constructing a 35/6 kV “Urmanskaya” substation and a 35 kV high voltage power line.

The work includes an installation of more than two hundred 10-meter piles and approximately two thousand 12-meter piles for pole foundations, beam grillage installation, support poles assembly and installation. It also includes installation of AC 120/19 cable (208 km) along the 33.62 km line, installation of lightning protection cable C70 (34.7 km) and grounding of supports of the overhead power line.

According to Alexander Trints, Director General of IES-ESE, the project is being carried out under difficult environmental conditions – the terrain is densely wooded and waterlogged, with clay, silt, clay sand, and peat prevailing in the soil. In addition abnormally warm winter in the north of Tomsk region did not allow making a full-fledged winter road, which complicated the construction work. Nevertheless all construction work is proceeding strictly according to the schedule. Project costs 150 mln RUB ($5.77 mln USD), scheduled to take 6 months and planned to be completed by the end of 2007.

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