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Hydro One Installing 170 New Poles in Coleraine Road Widening Project

Hydro One, Ontario, Canada, staff from its Orangeville work center have begun a major $3.5 million project installing 170 new poles and 30 km of line to accommodate widening of Coleraine Road in Bolton. The project is a joint effort with the Town of Caledon to widen the thoroughfare between Mayfield Road to King Street.

Hydro One's work will improve reliability of the electrical system in the Bolton and Caledon area. Staff will be improving some of the operational aspects of these lines such as installing larger size wire and upgraded switching devices. This will allow crews to isolate damaged sections of line and restore power more quickly without interrupting all customers on the entire line. Also, the line is being built with large enough poles for two more circuits on the same poles to accommodate future growth.

The Hydro One portion of this project is expected to be completed by next fall. There will be some disruption of electrical service in the immediate vicinity at times during the project to transfer existing service connections to new lines. Hydro One will notify any affected customers prior to these interruptions.

"This work will significantly upgrade overall reliability in the area," said Hydro One Orangeville Customer Operations Manager Terry Bateman. "It's a reflection of Hydro One's commitment to investing in its power delivery system and providing a high level of service to customers."

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