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Hydro One and ITCTransmission Replacing Canadian-U.S. Interconnection Circuit

Hydro One, Ontario, Canada, is rebuilding the 1.21mile 230-kV interconnection circuit that connects to the ITCTransmission, a subsidiary of ITC Holdings system in Southeast Michigan that was removed after gale-force winds brought down a transmission tower in the Sarnia, Ontario area in April, 2003.

"This interconnection is a vital component to the electricity infrastructure in the region and one that will provide benefits to both customers in Southeast Michigan as well as those in Ontario," said Joseph L. Welch, president and CEO of ITCTransmission. "As an independent electricity transmission company, ITCTransmission remains 100% focused on improving infrastructure and strengthening the energy market to ensure both the reliable transmission of electricity as well as a robust and competitive energy market."

A helicopter will string new conductor across the St. Clair River to restore a connection linking the Hydro One system to the ITCTransmission grid in Southeast Michigan. The new circuit is expected to be operational by mid-November, and will increase import capacity from ITCTransmission's system to Hydro One by about 100 MW (enough power to serve the average needs of about 30,000 homes) in advance of Ontario's winter peak demand period.

"This project will help improve overall supply reliability in Ontario by increasing electricity import/export capacity," said Tom Parkinson, Hydro One president and CEO. "We're maximizing the effectiveness of our existing high-voltage transmission system. The work is a reflection of Hydro One's commitment to investing in its power delivery system and providing a high level of service."

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