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Helicopter Stringing Under Way for New Nebo Powerline in Queensland, Australia

Powerlink Queensland will use a helicopter to string the conductor wires onto the new Nebo to QR Bolingbroke transmission line from late September to early November.

Powerlink Chief Operating Officer Simon Bartlett said construction on the new 58-km transmission line was well under way and would reinforce electricity supply to the QR (Queensland Rail) network which transports coal from the Bowen Basin.

Bartlett said helicopters were often used on transmission line projects because they helped minimize the impact of construction on the local community and the environment.

“Using helicopters to string the conductor wires onto the towers reduces the need to clear a path for the new lines, as the line can be strung over any sensitive vegetation areas,” Bartlett said. “The helicopters also reduce the need for heavy machinery and other vehicles on the ground, and they reduce the time taken for stringing activities.”

Bartlett said Powerlink was committed to working closely with the local community during the construction activities for the new line.

“Powerlink’s contractors have a management plan in place for their helicopter stringing activities which includes traffic management plans to minimise any impact to traffic in those locations where major roads are crossed,” Bartlett said.

The helicopter stringing work for the new transmission line is expected to be completed by early November, with the project expected to be completed mid-2009, weather permitting.

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