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Grand Bahama Power Company Invests in Lightning Prevention

Grand Bahama Power Company Limited (Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas) has contracted with Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC, Inc. - Boulder, CO, USA) to provide lightning protection for its power generation facility and substations serving the islands' 55,000 residents.

Lightning is a frequent occurrence in the Bahamas, but power outages due to lightning strikes will be substantially reduced by Grand Bahama Power Company's upcoming installation of a lightning prevention system by LEC.

Grand Bahama Power Company turned to LEC after lightning strikes caused repeat outages of the company's transmission and distribution system, disrupting service to customers. To solve this problem, LEC designed a comprehensive system to prevent lightning at the company's 23 acre site, which includes the power generating plant, associated switch yard, as well as surrounding transmission lines and substations.

"We believe that this new system will greatly diminish service interruptions to our customers. At Grand Bahama Power Company we are committed to providing reliable and efficient power and excellent service to our customers," said Mr. Tim Borkowski, President and CEO.

LEC, Inc. provides engineered lightning solutions worldwide, protecting thousands of sites in countries around the world. LEC's integrated approach involves strike protection, surge suppression, and grounding solutions to create a "protection zone" that minimizes the primary and secondary effects of lightning strikes.

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