Directional Drill

Directional Drill

The Ditch Witch JT25 is an exceptionally powerful and productive horizontal directional drill designed specifically for—and with input from—the utility contractor. It features an exclusive rotational drive with 4,000 ft-lb (5420 N-m) of torque and 27,000 lb (120 kN) of thrust and pullback. The JT25 is the quietest and most stable mid-size drill on the market.

The JT25 can install utility pipe and cables of up to 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter at lengths of up to 500 ft (152 m).

Exclusive rotational drive with 4,000 ft-lb (5420 N-m) of torque; unique, single-motor system results in smoother operation and greater uptime.

Simple, durable, customer-driven JT25 is designed for low-maintenance, high-quality performance.

Ditch Witch     

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