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CL&P Creates Wetland as Part of Middletown-Norwalk Transmission Upgrade

Connecticut Light and Power Co. (CL&P), through its Middletown-Norwalk (M-N) transmission project, is creating a new wetland in Eisenhower Park, Milford. This work restores the South Meadow landscape that was excavated decades ago as a gravel pit and establishes a diverse wet meadow environment, attracting wild birds, reptiles and amphibians.

The restoration effort spans 2.5 acres of wetland and about six acres of enhanced surrounding buffer. The wetland creation is included in an integrated environmental plan covering the 69-mile path of the M-N transmission line project currently underway. The wetland will be a year-round visual attraction in the park. CL&P will monitor and maintain this area until it is established as a viable, self-sustaining wetland habitat.

Approvals for this wetland creation plan were obtained from the City of Milford and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The second phase of work will begin May 17 in conjunction with the town of Milford’s Earth Day celebration and will include the installation of a perimeter split-rail fence and native wetland shrubs and trees. M-N project managers will participate in the wetland work along with members of Milford’s Earth Day Committee and the Milford Boy Scouts.

Additionally, earlier this year, CL&P agreed to secure the undeveloped future of 74 acres of scenic land along the Connecticut River by granting a conservation easement on a property in the Maromas section of Middletown to the Connecticut Forest & Park Association (CFPA), the oldest private non-profit conservation organization in the state. This agreement satisfies a condition of the state and federal environmental permits associated with the M-N transmission upgrade. The easement ensures the land will remain permanently undisturbed.

“Both projects are shining examples of our commitment to preserve these unique areas and continue a tradition of environmental stewardship and enhanced electric reliability,” said Laurie E. Aylsworth, Vice President – Transmission Projects, Engineering & Maintenance, Northeast Utilities.

Additionally, CL&P provided CFPA with a $16,000 donation to manage the property. CL&P’s gift will also support CFPA’s plans to establish hiking trails and a parking area for public access for recreation in this area.

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