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ATC to Rebuild Monroe County Council Creek Transmission Line

American Transmission Co. (ATC) plans to rebuild an existing electric transmission line that connects the Monroe County Substation near Sparta and the Council Creek Substation near Tomah. ATC also will build a new substation as part of the project.

The project involves replacing the structures and wires of the existing 69-kV transmission line, and adding a 161-kV circuit to the new steel structures. Transmission line work will be completed within the existing right-of-way area. To allow for flexibility on the 69-kV system, ATC also will build the new Timberwolf Substation approximately 1/2 mile south of Interstate 90 along Highway 131.

The existing 69-kV transmission system that serves the area is approximately 40 years old and is susceptible to overloads and severe low voltages. Rebuilding the 17-mi line and adding the new 161-kV circuit will strengthen the reliability of the electric system that serves the area. In addition, the new line will provide economic savings by increasing the system’s ability to access lower-cost generation and reducing energy losses.

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