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ATC Awards Major Construction Contract

American Transmission Co. has selected The Boldt Company as general contractor to provide transmission line and substation construction services for projects in southeastern and south central Wisconsin.

“This is the latest in a series of long-term agreements we have signed with premier construction companies,” explains Mike Rowe, ATC vice president for construction. “This three-year contract with Boldt will enable us to proceed with our ambitious plan to maintain and improve electric reliability across the southern third of Wisconsin.”

"The Boldt Company is very excited to be part of the ATC team to implement this construction program,” states Jim Lee, Boldt’s group president, Northern Operations. “ATC has Boldt's commitment to uphold high standards in safety and to provide cost-effective, value-added construction services."

Under the agreement, Boldt will provide all construction resources, including labor, equipment and management strategies, for projects managed by ATC offices in Pewaukee and Madison.

ATC’s most recent 10-year plan calls for $3 billion in construction and maintenance projects across its four major portfolios of assets. Long-term agreements help manage construction costs by leveraging resources, equipment and services across a broader base of assets. Working relationships also are established that contribute to common goals for safety and environmental stewardship.

ATC recently signed a three-year agreement with MJ Electric, LLC, an InfraSource Co., for general construction services for its northern portfolio. A contract was signed with Kenny Construction for services to ATC’s central portfolio in 2005.

“These agreements fulfill our strategy of securing high quality construction service partners to help us execute our capital construction program,” Rowe says.

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