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Arc-Protective Fabric

Electrical workers can get stronger electric arc protection in lighter, cooler uniforms sewn from the TECASAFE plus fabric introduced by TenCate Protective Fabrics.

A leader in flame-resistant fabric, TenCate specially engineered TECASAFE plus to protect against electrical arc and flash fire. The flame-resistant properties of TECASAFE plus are fully embedded into the fiber blend itself instead of being added on as a chemical finish. With TECASAFE plus, the fire protection is built-in and will never wash out or wear out.

These fabrics conform to the NFPA 70E standard at Hazard Risk Category level 2. The innovative blend of fibers results in a unique set of advantages covered by several patent applications.

TECASAFE plus was also designed for comfort with its soft, cool and breathable fabric. It absorbs and wicks moisture away from the skin. TECASAFE plus provides garments with better durability and longer life than other fabrics of its kind and is ideally suited to industrial laundries.
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