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Germany Speeds Up Grid Expansion

The German federal cabinet approved the law to accelerate the construction of 2,800 km (4,506 miles) of new high-voltage transmission lines, to help transport energy produced from renewable sources of northern Germany to the industrial centers of southern Germany, which are in shortage of energy.

According to Economics Minister Philipp Rösler, the law for the national action plan to expand the electricity grid has the objective to ensure that network structures will be ready for the 2022 deadline, as Germany's government plans to phase out nuclear power by 2022, generating 35% of the country's electricity from renewable sources. It is likely that Germany is set to exceed the 2020 generation target, considering electricity output from renewables reached 23% in 2012.

The new transmission lines will be completed within four years at a cost of 10 billion euros. In addition to the construction of three new power transmission lines, the new legislation also comprises additional enhancements to 2,900 km (4,667 miles) of transmission lines.

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