India's Jabalpur Transmission Project to Boost Power Access

Sept. 24, 2015
On Sept.12, Sterlite Grid charged the 379 km long 765 kV double circuit Dharamjaygarh - Jabalpur transmission line.

Sterlite Grid has announced commissioning of its Jabalpur transmission project. On Sept.12, Sterlite Grid charged the 379 km long 765 kV double circuit Dharamjaygarh - Jabalpur transmission line, which is the longest 765 kV line in India. Earlier in June 2015, Sterlite Grid successfully commissioned the other element of the 236-km Jabalpur - Bina transmission line. By commissioning both elements, Sterlite Grid has become the first private developer to complete 765 kV double circuit transmission system.

The Dharamjaygarh - Jabalpur line will allow evacuation of over 5,000 MW of power by adding transmission capacity from power generating plants in Chhattisgarh and Odisha to key load centers in the western and northern region. This will provide a long-awaited relief to these power generating centers where thousands of MW remained choked for the need of transmission capacity.

Sterlite Grid has already commissioned ENICL (East North Interconnection Co Ltd) and BDTCL (Bhopal Dhule Transmission Co Ltd). With commissioning of JTCL, Sterlite Grid operates over 2,800 circuit km of EHV transmission lines and 6,000 MVA of transformation capacity across seven states integrated with national grid. These projects play a key role in creating a robust ring for evacuation of electricity in the Western Region.

"Besides eliminating bottlenecks in connecting power producers and distribution entities, the project will ensure stability and reliability of the grid. By commissioning JTCL project, Sterlite Grid has showcased that private developers have come a long way to play a pivotal role in the government's mission to provide uninterrupted power to all by 2022," said Sterlite Grid chairman Pravin Agarwal. He added that Sterlite Grid is committed to build robust power transmission assets that are critical for the national grid.

Sterlite Grid's portfolio consists of seven power transmission assets owned via special purpose vehicles (SPVs) consisting of 5,500 circuit Km and 6,500 MVA of transformation capacity. Three of the SPVs, East North Interconnection Co. Ltd (ENICL), Bhopal Dhule Transmission Co. Ltd (BDTCL) and Jabalpur Transmission Co. Ltd (JTCL) are commissioned and operates as part of the National Grid. The remaining four SPVs - RAPP Transmission project, Purulia & Kharagpur Transmission project, NRSS XXIX Transmission project and Maheshwaram project are at advance level of implementation.

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