NorNed Cable Repairs Completed and Low Power Testing Underway

April 11, 2008
The repair operation of the NorNed cable has been completed and the NorNed cable is now ready for testing.

The repair operation of the NorNed cable has been completed and the NorNed cable is now ready for testing. Low power tests began on April 10, 2008. For the last few days the weather conditions were good enough to continue repair works and the project team was able to work 24 hours a day. The last joint was finished successfully on April 9. A high-voltage test on the cable was performed and the transmission tests have started.

The transmission test program comprises a low power (LP) test sequence to validate the base functionality of the NorNed HVDC link and a high power (HP) test sequence to ensure a reliable infrastructure able to take a stable and controlled 700 MW transmission.

The LP tests typically take in between 30 MW and 100 MW in both directions. These LP tests will last at minimum 125 hours of actual power transmission.

The HP tests will be at cable load up to full capacity of 700 MW. An expected scenario indicates HP testing at 700 MW for approximately 50-60 hours, where both directions are tested. Ensuring a reliable NorNed HVDC link might require more hours of testing. The first high power test is now scheduled for Monday, April 14, 2008, taking into account the test results so far.

Where the LP tests are characterised by high failure rates and therefore planning uncertainty the required test power will be secured via the balancing markets. For the HP tests the program will be placed on the day-ahead markets. Costs for/revenues from all test power will be allocated to the NorNed project. The start of the HP tests and the test program during HP testing will be made public the day ahead in due time before gate closure at the power exchanges.

TenneT and Statnett will celebrate the start of the NorNed cable by organizing a ceremonial opening once the interconnection is fully available to the market. Due to uncontrolled external factors like bad weather it is uncertain when the NorNed cable will be launched exactly. Therefore TenneT and Statnett decided to celebrate the inauguration of the NorNed cable after summer 2008 when the NorNed project is totally completed

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