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Feb. 12, 2010
Hendrix Wire & Cable, a premier provider of high quality overhead and underground power distribution products, announces the completion of a project for Clark Energy Cooperative, a non-profit electric utility headquartered in Winchester, KY

Hendrix Wire & Cable has completed a project for Clark Energy Cooperative, a non-profit electric utility headquartered in Winchester, Kentucky.

Clark Energy needed to add a circuit to an existing double circuit bare wire system out of a substation in Stanton, Kentucky. The project spanned 4,416 circuit feet and was originally conceived to be a conventional triple bare wire circuit. Hendrix worked with Clark Energy and designed a spacer cable system that could be built under the existing double circuit bare wire system. After detailed engineering analysis, Clark elected to go with the spacer cable alternative.

Todd Peyton, manager of engineering at Clark Energy commented that the “Stanton Project’s actual cost, including make ready – which involves moving transformers, installing anchors, etc. was $19.58/ft. This is less than 30% the cost I estimated to rebuild the existing Double Circuit with conventional triple circuit wire.”

Spacer cable has been used by utilities for many years to improve the reliability and power quality of primary distribution systems while making them more resistant to storm damage. The cable design, system strength, and compact configuration can also serve to address other concerns that can crop up on a utility’s distribution system. The compact configuration and reduced clearance requirements allow for multiple circuits to be installed on a single pole, and thus combating right of way problems and saving money by reducing the number of poles required. Over or under building spacer cable systems in substation exits, alleyways, and feeder circuits can greatly reduce the cost of adding capacity.

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