Duratel Launches New 14-inch Composite Pole

Jan. 13, 2011
Duratel has unveiled its latest composite pole.

Duratel, a leading manufacturer of composite utility pole products for utility transmission and distribution, has unveiled its latest composite pole. The new product offers a stronger, lighter, more durable and cost effective solution than other similar products. The 13.8-in pultruded pole with a 0.75-in wall thickness will provide utilities more options when designing projects for composites due to its durability and strength.

"Duratel saw the need for a composite solution to bridge the gap between distribution and transmission," said Brian Lacoursiere, Senior Vice President, Sales & Engineering for Duratel. "This pole will also be useful for deadend and self-sustaining applications without the use of guy wires," Lacoursiere added.

The new 14-in profile will cover a wide range of classifications from Class 1 through Class H6 poles. The other poles manufactured by Duratel currently in service include the 11-in diameter with a 0.25-in wall thickness covering up to Class 5 poles and the 12-in diameter with a 0.5-in wall thickness covering Class 2 through Class H4 poles.

Composite poles can be installed with less equipment and manpower than other products and have proven to significantly speed up recovery from severe weather and natural disasters. Surveys among utility linesmen who have worked with Duratel poles have shown that it takes approximately half the time to install composite poles compared to competing materials.

Duratel poles are produced with a uniform diameter and strength, eliminating the need for multiple class poles to be kept in inventory. One Duratel pole can be used for a variety of applications, saving time and reducing the need to stock and search through inventory for a particular pole class.

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