Arcing Contact Systems

Plansee Powertech to display systems in Booth 4133 at IEEE PES T&D Expo

Plansee Powertech is a leading producer of arcing contact systems for the power transmission and distribution sector. Located at the heart of the arcing chamber, contact materials have to withstand temperatures up to 20,000 °C.

Thanks to their unique physical properties, its contact materials tungsten-copper (WCu) and copper-chromium (CuCr) have set new standards for the industry in the field of ultra-high, high-, medium- and low-voltage applications. For the near-net shape production of copper-chromium-contacts Plansee Powertech has developed a special production process.

Tungsten carbide-silver (WCAg) is another impressive material due to its combination of particularly high wear resistance, thermal conductivity and high resistance to arc erosion.

Plansee Powertech |
Booth 4133

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