Hydro One Inc Hydro One Making Smart Investments To Improve Pow

Hydro One Makes Smart Investments to Improve Power Reliability for Customers

July 14, 2021
Smart devices to help reduce the impact of power outages by an average of approximately 40% in areas where they are deployed.

Hydro One recently announced it is investing in a smarter, more reliable electricity system by installing smart devices on its system. These devices will help reduce the impact of power outages by an average of approximately 40% in areas where they are deployed. This is part of Hydro One's grid modernization program, which leverages digital technology including smart switches and sensors to automate the electricity system and improve power reliability.

Since implementing the program in 2018, Hydro One has added more than 2300 smart devices to its system, with plans to install approximately 500 devices this year. Energizing these smart devices in communities across the province has avoided 20 million customer minutes of power interruptions. Currently, smart devices are deployed in 10% of Hydro One's service territory.

"Storms are getting stronger and we need to be ready to respond to power outages faster and smarter than before. Our grid modernization program leverages digital solutions to reduce the number and duration of power outages, minimizing disruptions to the daily lives of customers, businesses, and communities," said David Lebeter, chief operating officer, Hydro One. "Our people, towers, poles, and wires bring the light, heat, refrigeration, and technology that are essential to life. By investing in this new technology, we are building a grid for the future that will serve our customers better and strengthen Ontario's economy."

"Hydro One's modernization initiative is a critical step in building a smarter power grid that benefits electricity ratepayers," said Todd Smith, minister of energy. "Using the newest technology to build a smarter grid will ensure Ontarians have access to an efficient, clean, and reliable electricity system for years to come."

"Safe and reliable power is essential to people's daily lives, businesses, and productivity," said Graydon Smith, president of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and mayor of Bracebridge. "Hydro One's investments will make a lasting difference in municipalities across the province, especially within rural communities with long power lines and challenging terrain. I look forward to seeing these smart devices in action across Bracebridge and beyond."

By investing in smart switches, problem areas can be isolated remotely, reducing the amount of customers who experience a power outage. Digital sensors are also being added to better detect the location of a problem, which helps direct crews to the source of the issue and allows them to spend more time making repairs and restoring power instead of patrolling long power lines along challenging terrain.

Hydro One's grid modernization program is rolling out in communities across the province, with an immediate focus on deploying smart devices in areas experiencing poor power reliability including the Woodstock, Minden, Muskoka, Stouffville, Essex County, and Belleville regions.

In 2020, Hydro One invested approximately US$1.9 billion in capital to expand the electricity grid and renew and modernize existing infrastructure, much of which was built in the 1950s. The company continues to invest in infrastructure and technology to build a sustainable grid for the future, and harden and protect equipment against the changing climate.

For more information on Hydro One's initiatives to energize Ontario, visit here.

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