pd flex

Wireless Monitoring System

PD Flex is a permanent wireless monitoring system for partial discharges on medium-voltage installations. It is composed of a self-powered acquisition module and a data logging unit for post-processing, data storage and alarms. The self-powered acquisition module uses one coupler for each phase. A differential technique is used (phase to phase) to remove unwanted noise from the measurements and provide reliable information about the PD intensities (useful for trending). It also provides a relation of PD with the phase of the network, which helps in diagnosing an eventual problem. The data is sent to the data logging module using a wireless communication link that can support up to eight acquisition modules for each data logger. The data logger is in charge of configuring the monitoring parameters, triggering the periodic acquisitions, analyzing and storing the data. Different sets of alarms can be configured to signal a level of PD above normal or on an increasing trend in PD standardized values.

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