Corona Cameras

Corona Cameras

Ofil will present the DayCor UVollé-X series of compact handheld corona cameras that are equipped with an eXtended display of 5" width and 1000 Nits. This new line of compact daytime corona cameras will enhance the use of corona cameras due to its high performance and affordable price. UVollé-X corona cameras series is light in weight, has a slim silhouette and designed to be comfortably handheld. It is ready to be used swiftly, operating continuously without overheating. A rechargeable battery with runtime of more than four continuous working hours, the high sensitivity to PD of 1pC from 10 meters, the sun readable LDC and the powerful LED flashlight are the highlights of this series. A powerful optical and digital zoom in combination with the implemented DayCor technology guarantees detecting corona partial discharge from remote as well as nearby installations. With the up-scaled wide LCD display, corona signals and their emitting sources are easily spotted and recorded. Indications of the corona severity are used for comparative purposes and for follow up. To assist inspectors who frequently use working gloves, the UVollé-X cameras have big and comfortable keypad that control the most frequently used functions, such as gain, recording, turning the flash light on/off, counting. A simple readable menu is displayed on the LCD while the navigating controls are readily positioned on the camera's handle exactly where they are supposed to be naturally an intuitively located.

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