UHVDC Gene Wolf

Down-to-Earth Theory: Ultra High Voltage DC

There has been a lot of advancements in Ultra High Voltage DC (UHVDC) lately. Originally this voltage level started out at 800 kV, but it continues to advance. Our video for November discussed HVDC transmission. Recently we saw a story about the world’s first ±1,100 kV UHVDC transformer passing its testing in Nuremberg, Germany. I have been extremely fortunate in my travels as a utility engineer.  I have been in the Nuremberg testing area, but it has been many years. I can remember the size of the equipment and excitement whenever equipment was being tested. All of this is pointing to the fact voltage levels are increasing in the DC world to carry more power farther distances.

So, I thought it was timely to focus this column on a little more information for UHVDC. Several years ago, China became the first country to install 800 kV UHVDC. Today we are seeing the voltage level increase again. Here is this month’s video on UHVDC.

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