One-Third of Nuclear Power Generation Nears Retirement

March 28, 2016
New strategy needed for nuclear power buildup

Nuclear units  responsible for generating one-third of America’s nuclear power generation face closure as their licenses expire, reports The New York Times.

"From 2029 to 2035, three dozen of the nation’s 99 reactors, representing more than a third of the industry’s generating capacity, will face closure as their operating licenses expire,” the Times reported.

Nuclear power generates 19 percent of the electricity used in this country.

While a renaissance in new nuclear power plant construction has been said to be imminent for some time, projects have been delayed or scrapped as a result of an abundance of low-cost gas and surging renewables generation.

“Many in the industry hope that extending the licenses of existing reactors will forestall at least some closings. Nuclear plants were originally licensed for 40 years, but almost all have sought and received 20-year extensions,” the Times said.

One venture capitalist said that there is a decade for America to come up with a plan for keeping nuclear generation viable.

“If we don’t get this fixed in the next presidential administration or so, we’ve missed it,” he said.

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